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Signs For A Cause
Self-Initiated Brand

Signs For A Cause is personal project to launch the brand of non-profit organization to provide the better and useful platform for the users and protesters to communicate within the creative protesting signs — as the protesting became a big part of culture to make a voice and express the opinion, and expanded its scalabiliy along the various issues. And inevitably the signs or posters were always there to represent their voice.

Especially for the younger generation, their rate of participation to support the idea is massive through the social media, and they create tons of contents and expressions to make their voice heard. But unlike the various creative platforms in the industry including Behance, Dribble, and Pinterest, there’s no brand specifically for protest signs. So the fellows came together to make this happen. 

Founder/Art Director  Yeon Yoon
Co-Founder/UX Designer  Jade Hong
Co-Founder/Account  Terry Choi
Co-Founder/Consultant  Sung Ha
Art Director/Motion Designer  Jay Jang

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