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At Marketing Solutions Team, I design and build the video templates in Video Generator tools for Compass real estate agent customers, working closely with engineers and product team. I also generate the video concepts and campaigns for social media platform, and communicate the creative solutions for the projects following;

Agent Tips / Testimonial Videos
All Team Meeting Presentation 
Compass Marketing Campaign
Digital Newsletters
Video Generator Tool Templates

Role: Design, Illustration, Concept, Storyboard, Animation, Lottie, Editing

Compass REtreat

Annual live REtreat meeting where the Compass leadership team shares the new technology improvements. I create the design & video contents, text animations, and instructive product screen videos in the presentation to drive the speech intuitive and compelling.

Social Campaigns

Creating the social marketing contents for Compass tools, Concierge, new tech, and the events.

Compass Academy

This is a course library tool for adoption in Compass to grow the business, through the video instructions about tool, technology, agent tips, and testimonial resources. I create the video contents based on the categories of the courses, design and storyboard, and animate them.

Video Studio

This is the video generator tool platform that has AI driven auto generation for Compass agent customers to select the video templates and customize them. My role here is to create the video templates for listings, agent testimonials, seasonal editions, and promos from start to the end — design, illiustration, storyboard, build the templates, manage in live/beta homepages, find and fix the bugs with ENG, and produce to live for usage.

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